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I'm Jeanne. Welcome.

I believe with soul-nourishing PD, honest conversation, and time for ourselves, we can change our own lives, our students’ lives, and the profession itself. That's why I created this site: resources and ideas to help you start teaching better and living happier today whether you're a student teacher or a 30-year veteran.

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The first years don't have to be miserable.

Tips, strategies, and support to help you cut the learning curve and transform your classroom so you can enjoy what you’re doing in your classroom and feel confident in your career. Click to browse blog posts, printables, online courses, masterminds, and (soon!) podcast episodes designed specifically for YOU.
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Teaching Writing is kind of my jam. I've taught 6th-12th grade writing and am a sucker for awesome teaching ideas. Tips for teaching slam poetry, writing workshop, and the trickiest of writing skills (Integrating Quotes lesson, anyone?)--I've got it all waiting for you here.
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