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No matter where you are in your career, teachers face the risk of burnout. This FREE email series takes you step-by-step through changing your mindset and adding simple routines to help you teach better and live happier. Teaching doesn't have to be miserable. Let's make it better together.


You are now signed up for the Beating Burnout series, a simple email course to help you take stock of your habits and take control of your energy, all in effort to both teach better and live happier (and prevent that burnout).

You can either follow along through the emails, or listen to the audio version, which you can download onto your device below. The audio version is basically me just reading the emails to you. I wanted to include that option in case you’re (likely) short on time!

Either way, you’ll want to check in with the emails in order to download the workbook pages that accompany the lessons each day.

Watch your inbox for the first email!

And go grab a cup of tea. Or coffee. Or wine. Or whatever would feel good. You deserve it.

Catch ya in your inbox! 😉

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