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Free, New-Teacher Consultation

What is it?

A free, 30-minute, video-call consultation with me to talk about anything you want to talk about to help prepare for the coming school year.

Who’s it for?

Teachers in their first year teaching, or teachers switching to ELA or Writing for the first time (my specialization) that could use someone to coach them through some prep.

What can I expect?

After you give me your email here, I’ll send you an email to schedule our consultation.

At the consultation, we’ll start by talking a little bit about your overall situation. Then I’ll ask you what you would specifically like to work through together, and what type of help you’d like from me. I can just listen and paraphrase, I can ask guiding questions to help you think through it, I can offer ideas for possible solutions, or I can even help you create something. It all depends on what you need the most and what we have time for.

Why am I doing this?

Two reasons:

  1. It was my favorite thing every year to help the student teachers think through their practice. Since I know it’s something desperately needed, I figured why not find ways to continue to what I love, especially if it helps some stressed out teachers!
  2. I can and do create resources based off of what I would have wanted, but I’d rather make resources for specific people in mind--like you! These consultations can help you by having someone help that gets it, and help me get some ideas of what might be useful for teachers in the same spot as you. It’s a win-win!
  3. That's it! Rest assured there will be no sales pitches or strings attached. I love collaborating and I'd love to help you. It's as simple as that.

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