Slam Poetry Unit Plan Poems and Transcripts: Identity & Assumptions

I hope you and your students enjoy the unit!

These are the corresponding slam poem videos and transcripts that go along with the Identity and Assumptions Slam Poetry Unit Plan.

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***Important****: Please ALWAYS preview slam poetry videos before showing them to your students.

I strove to pick slam poems that were powerful and topical, but that meant that a couple had one or two moments where you many need to censor content, or a couple where the topic is extremely complex.   I am not responsible for any inappropriate material shown to students, which is why it’s critical you preview the poems.

A couple tips for censoring poems yourself:

  1. Manually censor by muting and un-muting it as it’s playing for students (I’ve found this to attract the least attention from students).
  2. Pause it, skip ahead, and continue on.
  3. Choose an alternative poem from Day 11.

I tried to flag minute markers below to help in this process, but PLEASE, always preview in entirety before showing.


Click below to jump to that day’s slam poem and lesson materials:

Day 1

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 11

Day One

“Touchscreen” Video:

“Touchscreen” Transcript

“We’re just a little too caught up” Video:

“We’re just a little too caught up” transcript (click “View Transcript” below the video)

Louder than a Bomb Trailer:

Day Three

“Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl” Video

“Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl” Transcript

Day Four

“Ebonics 101” Video-Flag: 2:10-2:14

“Ebonics 101” Transcript

“Accents” Video: 

“Accents” Transcript

Day Five

Here are the transcripts again for convenience. You can find videos for this lesson above.

“Touchscreen” Transcript
“We’re just a little too caught up” Transcript (click “View Transcript” below the video)
“Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl” Transcript
“Ebonics 101” Transcript
“Accents” Transcript

Day Six

“The Madness Vase” Video:

Flag–teachers, take special caution to preview

“The Madness Vase” Transcript

Day Eleven

Suggested Choice Poems:

“Every Time I Step Outside” Video:
“Lost Voices” Video:

“Accents” Video:

“Pretty” Video:

“3 Ways to Speak English” Video:

Explaining Depression to my Mother


What Teachers Make

Flag: 2:54, 3:02


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