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We typically have official mentoring and induction for new teachers, but it doesn't meet the demands they face. The result is turnover, disengagement, and, unfortunately, an exodus from the profession. Not only is the New Teacher Mastermind Program a quality professional experience that supports new teachers, but it dives deep into the issues that plague retention efforts, and it provides a network of connections for new staff to thrive in their schools. I recommend getting all of your new teachers involved. You won't regret it.
T.J. Vari, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Schools & District Operations Appoquinimink School District
Just being able to vocalize/talk through my frustrations and challenges has been super therapeutic. Besides that, I’ve learned how to actually change things that aren’t working rather than just complain, and I’ve become wayyyy more confident I my teaching abilities. The benefits are worth it. Mastermind equals instant feedback, a community of people going through the same things, and a space to reach out for help and help others. It gets no better than that!
Jazlyn Handy
Special Education ELA Teacher, Alfred G. Waters Middle School
Because of the mastermind group, I have a much easier, and clearer way of thinking through my lessons, as well as adapting to new environments at a much quicker pace. Getting together with other educators online, working through struggles, and celebrating our successes, is something remarkable. All should consider joining because it ignites the fire for why we teach.
Gabriel Harley
Choir and Orchestra Teacher, Everett Meredith Middle School
This mastermind has really helped me to be more confident in my teaching ability. Being able to talk with other teachers in a no judgement zone has been extremely useful. It has been a really positive experience having other teachers be able to help problem solve with me and bounce ideas off of and help each other out.
Aileen Murray
Career and Technical Education Teacher, Appoquinimink High School

New Teacher Masterminds Provide Teachers:

Responsive professional development

Improving teacher retention and competency

Accountability to student achievement

Raising student scores, and with it, teacher morale

Structured reflection and feedback

Increasing new teacher efficacy and accelerating growth

Collaboration across the district and around the world

Significantly increasing ideas, resources, and strategies available to teachers

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