Slam Poetry Day One: Lesson Materials

Speak. Your. Truth

Get ready for an incredible poetry kick-off.

Download the materials and watch your kids go.

Unsure how to introduce slam poetry to your students? Nervous that they won't take it seriously?

This is my go-to lesson plan to introduce slam poetry to my students. The first day I tried it, I was in an observation, and you could have heard a pin drop in my room. Not only were they engaged, but they were writing about issues they cared about, about issues they wanted to change.

In 4 years, this lesson plan has never failed me, and I'm providing it to you for FREE because I know how much of a game-changer slam poetry can be.

This lesson plan includes:

-Content standards

-Language standards

-One detailed lesson plan

-Editable handout accompanying the lesson plan

-Power point slides for the lesson

This lesson plan is included as the first lesson in my Slam Poetry Mini-Unit.

If you like this, you'll love the mini-unit.

Teach it Tomorrow

It is not beauty that endears  it%e2%80%99s love that makes us see beauty.

Slides, examples, handout, lesson plan, and standards all ready to go to kick off an amazing first day. I want you to have an amazing for day, so they're all for free!

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