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This lesson plan was my solution to my own traumatic memories of being forced to give speeches growing up as a kid. I never felt like I learned much from those experiences, except that I HATED speeches.

Fast-forward to when I became a teacher and gave the same shpeel 5 times in a day. Ya'll, I ROCK those last hours of the day (which is a good thing, because those are the hours we all know that kids lose it), and it's all because I was able to practice with all the other classes during the day (sorry, first hour). Why not use the same concept with our nervous kiddos?

This is my go-to lesson plan to prepare students for speeches. I've used it both for slam poetry and argumentative speeches. I love watching students' confidence blossom over the period as they learn to let go of self-doubt and grab hold of their message.

In 4 years, this lesson plan has never failed me, and I'm providing it to you for FREE because I know how much of a game-changer it can be.

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