FREE New Teacher Summer To-Do List

A Solution for Pencil Sharpener Woes

The beginning of the school year is upon us, and with it, all the little management problems from last year that we’d like to improve this year. Today, I’d like to talk about a big one for me. That problem is: when and how should students sharpen their pencils? To a non-teacher, that ... READ the POST

Why Your Lesson Plans May Not Be Working

This post is an excerpt from my online course, The Ultimate New Teacher Summer Workshop. The typical lesson plan template has a few basic things: learning objective, materials needed, opening, closing, and assessment. Following these templates, it’s no wonder that so many new teachers struggle ... READ the POST

The Summer To-Do List for First Year Teachers

You’ve probably got about 80,130 things swirling around in your head that you want to do before the school year starts. It’s such an exciting time!   I remember the summer before my first year teaching obsessing over EVERYTHING #anxiety. I thought I needed to make my plans incredible and have my ... READ the POST