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5 Steps to Preventing Teacher Burnout

Think of your energy and what comes with it (happiness, passion, motivation) like a bank account. One of the greatest threats to the US public education system, I think, is the rate of teacher burnout.  Put it into metaphorical terms, it's the rate of teachers that go energy bankrupt. I’ve ... READ the POST


We’re gone! We got our visas, packed those bags, made plans for cell phones, insurance, and finances, found a home for our cat, packed up our house, and said good-byes.  At the end of it all, we hopped on a plane and took a one-way flight to fly 4,600 miles away.  Pretty nuts to think of it that ... READ the POST

What to Do for Writers Who Refuse to Write

Just like you have reasons that you don’t do certain things, reluctant writers have their own reasons for not writing.   Personally, I do not sing in front of people.  Reason?  I had a friend tell me I was terrible when I was very young, and ever since I’ve been terrified of criticism about it. ... READ the POST

Why I Quit my Teaching Job and am Moving Abroad

I have an announcement, and it’s been SUCH a process getting to the point where I could announce it to you. It has been the HARDEST secret I’ve had to keep, but now it’s finally go-time. We’re moving to France. By we, I mean my husband, Kevin, and I.  And I know, I know, it’s crazy, but we're ... READ the POST

The Summer To-Do List for First Year Teachers

You’ve probably got about 80,130 things swirling around in your head that you want to do before the school year starts. It’s such an exciting time!   I remember the summer before my first year teaching obsessing over EVERYTHING #anxiety. I thought I needed to make my plans incredible and have my ... READ the POST

How to Teach Students to OWN that Speech

I don’t remember gleaning much from going up and giving speeches during school, other than that I hated it.  I know it’s the same for my students.  Literally the ONLY thing I remember from my 8th grade social studies class was the nausea I felt as I walked up to give a speech one day.  This ... READ the POST