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How Reconnecting to my ‘Why’ Offered a Path out of COVID Burnout

One of the most leading factors in teacher burnout, especially while teaching during a pandemic, is seeing a million fixable problems around you but not having the time, energy, or resources around you to fix them all. I know what I was feeling for most of this year is something that resonates ... READ the POST

Teacher Burnout Strategies: How to Save Time Grading and Planning and on Everything Else To Do Tonight

I would argue that teacher burnout is the second pandemic of the 21st century. There are more demands than ever on our time, energy and creativity. When that happens, it's easy to get sucked into inefficient systems or anxiety-driven to-do lists, which makes us work later, which drains more energy, ... READ the POST

5 Steps to Preventing Teacher Burnout

Think of your energy and what comes with it (happiness, passion, motivation) like a bank account. One of the greatest threats to the US public education system, I think, is the rate of teacher burnout.  Put it into metaphorical terms, it's the rate of teachers that go energy bankrupt. I’ve ... READ the POST